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Park Hours and Info

Park is Open 7 Days a Week | 6AM - 1AM
Entry is Free!

Pier 28AM - 11PM* Pier 56AM - 11PM* Education Center3-5PM (THU/FRI), 1-5PM (SAT) Pier 6 Volleyball Courts6AM - 11PM Playgroundssunrise-sunset
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Get a Permit

Some activities at Brooklyn Bridge Park require obtaining a permit. Read more below about when and how to obtain a permit.

Free, outdoor public space is critical. At Brooklyn Bridge Park, we have always prioritized free public events, activities, and classes. We believe that public space is for the public, and we work to ensure as much of the public space as possible is available to all who visit. This is why we partner with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and others to provide a huge array of completely free programming at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a public park and as such, any events, classes, or gatherings larger than 20 people require a permit. Regardless of the number of participants, we do not issue permits for events, classes, group instruction, or gatherings where a fee is charged (unless it’s a league sport played on the volleyball, basketball, or soccer fields).  Additionally, amplified sound, including microphones, is not permitted.

Some activities or special uses of space at Brooklyn Bridge Park require a permit. Commercial film and photography shootswedding ceremoniesleague sportssingle day events, or group activities (such as lessons, camps, school groups, or the like) must obtain a permit and meet insurance and other requirements.

For more information, and to determine if your visit requires a permit, continue reading.

Applying for a Permit

  • Proposed events and permits must comply with all Park Rules and Regulations and Permit Terms and Conditions Park Rules and Regulations  
  • All applications will be charged a $25.00 non-refundable application fee and a $1.00 credit card processing fee. Additional fees may be required based on the nature of the requested permit.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be granted a permit. Your application is not approved until you have received a permit from Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Please allow at least 21 business days for Special Event and Wedding Ceremony permit applications to be reviewed.
  • Permits are not issued for Max Family Garden or for the Pier 5 grilling stations or any picnic tables in the park.
  • Permits are not issued on holidays or holiday weekends.
  • Applications for the upcoming year open on December 1st of the current year. Dates cannot be held until a permit application is received.
  • Commercial activity in the Park is prohibited unless specifically authorized in a permit, and authorization is rare. Absent specific authorization, a permit does not allow an event holder to charge a fee or require a donation to participate in or attend the event.
  • Decorations like chalk, confetti, powders, glitter, balloons, flower petals (real or fake), or any other similar substance cannot be used in the Park. These substances are difficult to manage when blown into plant beds, water features, or paths. These products can blend with the soil or water and the dyes or chemical makeup of these products may have long-term harmful effects on the Park’s ecosystem.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park does not issue permits involving drones; applications that involve drones will be denied.  

Permits at Brooklyn Bridge Park

For more details on specific permit types, choose from the below.


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